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Jeanne She touched our family April 23, 2011
Dear Joe-
I got to know your Mother when she moved across the street from us. She admired my flowers and I was flattered that she asked my advice on what to plant in her garden. My sons helped her with a few chores around the house and I was so pleased by her kind words about my sons. She donated canvases to my other son (Emmet's) special needs arts program and  she was genuinely interested in his art work and the program. When she moved Emmet gave her one of his paintings which she seemed to cherish.
Although I knew she had some health problems, we had no idea that she was facing cancer, and I was shocked and saddened to recently learn of her death. Diana was a caring and interesting woman and my whole family is blessed to have known her.
With deepest sympathy,
The Estrada Family
John DeGuardi Former Student February 4, 2011
To the family of Professor Curran, I read, with great sadness, of your mother's passing in a Fordham Alumni newsletter. Over 30 years ago as a Sophomore, I enrolled in her Movies and the American Dream class at Fordham. I wa, and continue to be inspired by her passion for film. She made a huge impact on my approach to teaching and learning. John DeGuardi Fordham College '82
Lauren Montanaro My Condolences January 28, 2011

Dear Joe,

I am sorry for your loss, but it is so clear that your mom handed down the amazing strength she possessed to you.  

I will never forget when we first meet, and what a wonderful day it was for us all to be together.

I admire her caring, thoughtfulness, love, and strength. She raised an amazing son and has given the gift of sharing you with us. I will always be thankful to her for that.

The pictures are beautiful, as is your tribute to her. Know that she is always with you, and you can talk to her whenever you want too.

She was and is an amazing woman, and will never to be forgotten.

My love is with you always.

Becky, John, and John Moran We will miss her January 28, 2011

Dear Joe, We are so sorry for your loss. Your mom was a very special person and we will always remember her. We had a lot of time to talk when she lived at the point and we wanted to let you know how much she always talked of you. She was so proud of you and loved you so very much. You were the highlight of her life! We know that being able to be near you and spend time with you the last few years really meant the world to her. May God grant you peace and may you memories bring you comfort. Please stay in touch. Love, Becky, John, and John

Jean Medeiros Thanks for Sharing... January 27, 2011
Dear Joe, When I met your mom, it was a beautiful summer morning. My daughter Ariel age 7 at the time, went over to talk to the lady in the garden. they hit it off 2 Chatty Cathys! From that day we were friends, and your mom loved talking to the kids, and they loved telling her stories. My whole family loved her and my husband Joe thought she was a cool chick- willing and brave enough to say what was on her mind in a tone that no one could disrespect. She always had lots of ideas for me on how to solve problems- never only one way. She's think about a problem I had and call me several times over several days with ideas I probably never would have thought of. I loved her lifestyle. I loved that her place was calm and uncluttered, and her favorite decorations were in her garden. She definitely gave me a love for painted white furniture- so simple and pretty. She always had great stories to tell - and most of them came back to you. There was a time when I never knew an older person, and still your mom never seemed old to me, because she defied everything I ever thought of and older person. She taught me a lot. There are friendships to be made if we are willing to look beyond what we usually do. I wish I could have had a lot more time with your mom, but I know I'll see her again. I'm so grateful that she had you- you gave her such a spark, and deep comfort- all the days- not just the last. I hope you are getting some much needed rest these days. Please feel free to call on me for anything. Bless you Joe. Love, Jean
Felecia ... January 27, 2011

She looks like an amazing person Joe, and it looks like she didnt waste one single minute of the life she had. I like to think of the Ocean as a place to meet up with my Dad from time to time... and it seems like a perfect place that you are going to meet up with your Mom.

You have a lot of people that care about you, and that are hear if you need us. For anything. Be well Joe, and Ill see you in a few weeks. xo

Rebecca No words January 26, 2011
Hi Joe. I know we have been in touch since your mom died, but I wanted to express again how sorry I am for your loss. Your mother must have been an amazing woman to have produced such a fantastic son. Here's to your mother: An Old Irish Blessing May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand. Love always, Rebs
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